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Join us to discover Arizona's wilderness areas and to celebrate your wild place!

Please RSVP only when you are ready to secure a spot on a Wild Stew trip, as we are limited to 15 people in wilderness areas. You will be prompted to create a Meetup account or signin to Meetup (also via Facebook). Meetup is free and does not sell or rent your information to third parties.

Supersition Wilderness © AWC

January 30th - February 2nd: Superstition Wilderness, Tonto National Forest

  Join us as we partner up with Prescott College New Student Wilderness Orientation! Students and AWC volunteers will join forces and participate in light trail maintenance as directed by the Tonto Wilderness Ranger. Additional information and Trip Details!

About Superstition Wilderness
The Superstition Wilderness was designated in 1964 and has a total of 159,757 acres. Although there is no guarantee that you'll find buried treasure, you are sure to discover miles and miles of desolate and barren mountains, seemingly endless and haunting canyons, raging summer temperatures that can surpass 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and a general dearth of water. Even the area's earliest known inhabitants, the hardy Hohokam and Salados peoples, established only very small villages and cliff dwellings in this harsh and fabulous country between 800 and 1400 a.d.

Trip Details: Trip Details!
Volunteers Needed: 15
Work Type: Trail Maintenance and Wilderness Education

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For more information email Brian Stultz, Wild Stew Coordinator.


Sierra Ancha Wilderness © AWC

February 7-8th: Sierra Ancha Wilderness, Tonto National Forest

About Sierra Ancha Wilderness
Centuries ago the Salado Indians built and lived in cliff dwellings in this region, and the ruins of many of them still stand today. An "original" Arizona Wilderness, Sierra Ancha was established as a Primitive Area in 1933 and as a Wilderness in 1964 and has a total of 20,850 acres. Exceptionally rough, scenic, and often inaccessible, Sierra Ancha consists of precipitous box canyons, towering vertical cliffs, and pine-covered mesas. Elevations range from 4,000 feet near Cherry Creek to more than 7,400 feet on several high peaks, with the highest point on Aztec Peak at 7,733 feet. Chaparral covers lower elevations with turbinella oak, manzanita, and mountain mahogany. Some pinion and juniper cloak the east side of the Wilderness, dropping to semidesert brush and grassland below. Several springs usually offer water year-round, but there is no guarantee. Additional details coming soon.

Trip Details: Coming Soon!
Volunteers Needed: 15
Work Type: To Be Announced

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For more information email Brian Stultz, Wild Stew Coordinator.


White Canyon Wilderness © Jason Corneveaux

February 15th: White Canyon Wilderness, Bureau of Land Management

   Show your love for wild places and join us in the breathtaking White Canyon Wilderness area for Valentineís Day weekend (or just Sunday!). Volunteers will be removing graffiti from the area along the White Canyon Path on Sunday. However, we will be providing a Dutch oven dinner with salad and dessert for all who would like to join us on Saturday afternoon, Valentineís Day. Additional Information and Trip Details!

About White Canyon Wilderness
White Canyon Wilderness was established in 1990 and now has a total of 5,800 acres and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Intricately carved and scenically splendid White Canyon runs north-south through the middle of this Wilderness. Narrow in places, this canyon's walls rise as much as 800 feet above the bottom. Throughout you'll find delicate, eroded formations and numerous side canyons. Sand, slick rock and sporadic willows cover the canyon's bottom. The Rincon, an enormous, amphitheater-like escarpment, stands near the southern boundary. Set in the rugged southeast portion of the Mineral Mountains, this Wilderness features a variety of vegetation from saguaro cacti to chaparral. When rainstorms flood the area, especially during summer "monsoons," waterfalls pour over the rim of White Canyon, or form quiet pools within sculpted terraces. Wildlife includes a myriad of birds, Black bears and mountain lions are permanent residents.

Trip Details: Trip Details Available!
Volunteers Needed: 15
Work Type: Graffiti Removal

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For more information email Brian Stultz, Wild Stew Coordinator.


Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness © AWC

February 21st: Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness, Coconino National Forest

  Join us for this one-day event to perform light trail up-keep (light trail brushing, dismantling fire rings, and obscuring social trails) on the Bear Mountain Trail. Bear Mountain Trail is an ~2.5 mile hike one-way, with an elevation gain of ~1200 feet. Additional information and Trip Details!

About Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness
Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness was designated in 1984 and has a total of 47,194 acres. Tan, buff, and predominantly red-rock cliffs mark the edge of the Colorado Plateau across this Wilderness, just east of Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. Here the high mesas of Secret Mountain and Wilson Mountain jut out into the lower country, and outstanding canyons as deep as 1,500 feet drain into beautiful Oak Creek and the Verde River. The high rims are rather cool and moist compared with the lower desert-land, and a wide variety of vegetation supports plentiful wildlife, including elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, javelinas, coyotes, rabbits, mountain lions, and black bears. A close look at the canyon walls may reveal ancient rock art and long-abandoned cliff dwellings.

Trip Details: Trip Details!
Volunteers Needed: 15
Work Type: Trail Maintenance

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For more information email Brian Stultz, Wild Stew Coordinator.



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