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The richest value of wilderness lies not in the days of Daniel Boone, nor even in the present, but rather in the future.
--Aldo Leopold

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NFF Awards a Matching Grant for Wild Stew
The National Forest Foundation recently notified AWC that we are being awarded $46,000 to support our award-winning Stewardship program. This is a huge accomplishment, as this year we were competing with a broad range of forest projects, not limited to wilderness. Our projects in the coming year will maintain trails in popular areas like the Superstition and Chiricahua Mountains, and beyond. We must raise dollar-for-dollar match to access the NFF funds. You can be a part of this important effort by donating today to help us raise $15,000 by June 30th.


Finding the Wild Way in Lower Burrow Creek

AWC is thrilled to work with the expert team from Hassayampa Forestry, Joe Trudeau and Amber Fields, to survey lands in the Kingman Resource Area for Wilderness Characteristics. This month the team met up with AWC Intern Brian Andersen to assess wilderness experiences available in Lower Burro Creek. Brian led an intrepid group of volunteer backpackers into a rugged and beautiful part of our state. Read more.


Brian & Julie Hike the Arizona Trail for Wilderness

From March to May 2015, Stewardship associates Brian Stultz and Julie Polovitch will hike the Arizona Trail, connecting adjacent Wilderness areas along the way. They will keep a backcountry blog with aims of connecting others to their experience, to the places they'll be visiting, and to the unquantifiable value of Wilderness. And, monies raised will support AWC! Learn more & support their efforts!


Stewardship Trips Give Back to Wilderness

If you like to backpack and would like to explore unknown wilderness areas, check out our stewardship trips. Wild Stew is a guided trip into wilderness, most often to do monitoring of conditions and data collection. It’s a great way to have a wilderness adventure while giving back to nature. Get all the details!


Working for Wilderness

Arizonans Support Conservation

State of the Rockies Report
A recent "Conservation in the West" poll found that 95% of Arizona voters visited public lands at least once in the last year. 83% viewed "Protecting and conserving natural areas for future generations" as very important, while 75% thought "Protecting and conserving wildlife habitat" was very important. And nearly three-quarters support protecting the Greater Grand Canyon region as a national monument! Read more.


Preservation is Good Economics

The Golden Rush Report
The Center for Western Priorities recently released "The Golden Rush," an economic study reflecting how retirees are drawn to areas with protected public lands. Retirees bring with them income in the form of investment and retirement payments, and create a need for medical and service jobs, while expanding leisure spending. The report estimates that 141,900 jobs were created by seniors moving in to Arizona between 2000 and 2010. Read more.


Wild Stew Welcomes Brian Stultz

AWC is delighted to welcome Brian Stultz as our permanent Wilderness Stewardship Coordinator. Brian began working with Wild Stew several years ago while still a student at Prescott College, and he's proven his abilities through leading weekly stewardship trips for AWC the past few months. Building on the outstanding foundation laid by AWC's former Central Arizona Director Sam Frank, Brian is bursting with enthusiasm and ideas for moving Wild Stew toward even greater success. Brian will be practicing his wilderness survival skills by hiking the entire Arizona Trail this spring, before settling in to his new position at AWC's Prescott office in mid-May. Learn more about Brian and drop a "hello"!


Administrative Protections to Preserve Wilderness

"Administrative Protections" are a way to preserve wilderness resources through agency land use plans and other agency decisions. Citizen Wilderness Inventory is an important part of helping agencies identify wilderness resources so they can be protected, and AWC has begun an exciting wilderness inventory in northwestern Arizona. Read more about the Citizen Inventory and Administrative Protections.





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