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The richest value of wilderness lies not in the days of Daniel Boone, nor even in the present, but rather in the future.
--Aldo Leopold

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New Ventures for Staff

AWC’s stalwart staff Sam Frank and Carla Olson are advancing to new professional opportunities. Read more about their extensive contributions..


Views of the Wild Series Continues through November!

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we are hosting performances, book talks, and workshops to explore the diverse people and events that have shaped views of wilderness. Many of Arizona’s public lands are steeped in traditions from Native American and Hispanic cultures, and sustainable land management will depend on blending new and old ways to relate to the land. Learn more.


Saddle Mountain Interpretive Hike

Join AWC along with experts Thom Hulen and Craig Weaver for an educational hike through Saddle Mountain, a proposed wilderness area in the West Valley of Phoenix. Thom and Craig will share knowledge about the plants, animals, ancient civilizations, and land management issues of the area. Learn more!


Perspectives on Wilderness

As the Wilderness Act turns 50 we honor and celebrate the occasion with a collection of heartfelt perspectives on wilderness from Arizonans of all ages — from early Wilderness advocates to the next generation of conservationists and supporters. Read more!


Stewardship Trips Give Back to Wilderness

If you like to backpack and would like to explore unknown wilderness areas, check out our stewardship trips. Wild Stew is a guided trip into wilderness, most often to do monitoring of conditions and data collection. It’s a great way to have a wilderness adventure while giving back to nature. Get all the details!


50th Anniversary Celebration Events Continue!

The celebration continues - with festivals, films, hikes, volunteer opportunities, and more! See what activities are happening in your favorite wilderness areas!


Working for Wilderness

A Wilderness Milestone in Albuquerque

A monumental assemblage of conservation leaders gathered in Albuquerque in Octobe, 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and to strengthen the foundation for future wilderness preservation. Over a thousand participants engaged in educational workshops, inspiring presentations, and the camaraderie of dedicated people working for a common cause. Read more!


Women Working for Wilderness

Women’s contributions to wilderness preservation may be lesser-known than those of men in the movement, yet no less essential. Read highlights of women’s key roles in conservation from guest author Kathy Ann Walsh, a modern-day wilderness warrior. Read more!


Fire, Forestry, and Wilderness

AWC’s Granite Mountain Steward, Prescott College Graduate Fellow and Hulmes Legacy Scholar Peter Pierson reflects on ecological and philosophical considerations for managing fire and timber in wilderness. Read more!


Climate Change & Wilderness

Climate change is already evident in Arizona, and wilderness may play a role in helping humans and natural systems adapt. We’re sure these reports will spark your interest. Read more.


Wild Fish & Wilderness

Many native fish depend on wilderness for the kind of healthy stream environments they need to survive. Arizona native fish are in trouble. Read more.


AWC Spring/Summer Newsletter

Our semi-annual newsletter has arrived in members’ mailboxes. Read about wilderness topics, program updates, and more. And, in celebration of this year's 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we’ve included a full-color map of Arizona wilderness areas, along with a checklist to track your wilderness visits. View/download.





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