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The richest value of wilderness lies not in the days of Daniel Boone, nor even in the present, but rather in the future.
--Aldo Leopold

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Arrastra Wilderness Adventure

AWC was asked to help document conditions for potential Wild and Scenic River designation along segments of the Big Sandy River. Read more about what Nancy Lewis and other volunteers encountered while mud-slogging, bushwhacking, and photopoint monitoring through the Sandy River corridor. Read more.


Meet Volunteer Extraordinaire Brian Barnes

We would like to thank the ineffable Brian Barnes for his commitment to the Wild Stew program. Brian might wear a computer software developer hat during the week, but that doesn't hide his volunteer superhero cape. Countless hours have been dedicated to wild spaces and we are honored to have Brian share so much of himself with the Wilderness Stewardship Program. Learn more.


Featured Business Partner

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co
We are excited to "designate" Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co as a featured business partner this year! Arizona Wilderness Brewing has brought together their two loves: The beautiful and diverse state of Arizona together with hand crafted, artisanal ales. While backpacking the wondrous depths of Arizona they forged ideas that would one day become Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. Well, here they are with yummy local ingredients in their beer and food! Learn more.


Help Us Make a Match

NFF Awards a Matching Grant for Wild Stew
AWC received a $46,000 grant from the National Forest Foundation to support our award-winning Stewardship program. This is a huge accomplishment, as this year we were competing with a broad range of forest projects, not limited to wilderness. Our projects in the coming year will maintain trails in popular areas like the Superstition and Chiricahua Mountains, and beyond. We must raise dollar-for-dollar match to access the NFF funds. We made our first milestone—and you can be a part of this important effort by donating today to help us meet our next $15,000 milestone by the end of the year!


Stewardship Trips Give Back to Wilderness

If you like to backpack and would like to explore unknown wilderness areas, check out our stewardship trips. Wild Stew is a guided trip into wilderness, most often to do monitoring of conditions and data collection. It’s a great way to have a wilderness adventure while giving back to nature. Get all the details!


Working for Wilderness

AWC Annual Report

We are delighted to share with you the myriad of accomplishments of the Arizona Wilderness Coalition for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. As the pace of change grows ever more rapid, AWC is evolving to respond to the conservation challenges in ways that are effective in the near term, while strengthening the foundation for permanent wilderness protections. View & Download the 2014-2015 Annual Report. (~5.2 MB PDF)


Cherish Our Deserts Landscapes

Arizona's desert landscapes are unique in all the nation. November 28th marks the date that landmark legislation in 1990 protected more than a million acres that are home to many endangered species, gorgeous wildflowers, and expansive vistas. Learn more about the 1990 Arizona Desert Wilderness Act and special places to visit.


Wilderness Management Plans Finalized

The Bureau of Land Management has finalized the Wilderness Management Plans for the Harquahala and Aravaipa Wilderness areas. Your comments made a difference, as some citizen concerns were addressed. Yes, there is more work to do on outstanding management needs and concerns. Let's build on progress made so far. Learn more.


Finding "New" Wild Areas in Northwest Arizona

Citizen wilderness inventories formed the foundation of many of the 90 designated Wilderness areas we enjoy in Arizona today. As on-the-ground conditions and agency policies change, opportunities emerge to preserve precious backcountry areas that may qualify for wilderness protection in the future. That's why we've been hard at work surveying remote public lands in northwestern Arizona. Learn more.


Grijalva Reintroduces the Sonoran Desert Heritage Act

The Sonoran Desert Heritage Act (H.R. 2926) was reintroduced into the U.S. House of Representatives on June 25, 2015 by Rep. Raul Grijalva. The legislation creates an array of protective designations to safeguard premier wildlife habitat and support military viability. Learn more & let your legislators know you support this bill!





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