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Inspiring Protection and Respect

The Arizona Wilderness Coalition sincerely thanks Phoenix-based photographer Mark Miller for working with us to recreate our website. His work captures the stunning ecosystems of Arizona that AWC is working hard to protect as wilderness for future generations.

Mark became interested in photography around the time he became a full-time resident of Arizona 20 years ago. His attempts at using a large 4x5 format camera in 1994 led him to take his photography more seriously by seeking out more challenging subject matter and compositions.

Mark's photographic passion stems from creating dramatic images of the natural world that move the viewer to respect and protect our fragile environment. His work has appeared in Arizona Highways magazine, Phoenix Magazine, National Parks magazine, and various calendars.

He currently uses 35 mm, 6x7 medium format, and 4x5 large format equipment to capture his images. Mark's large stock file contains western landscapes, natural history subjects, and travel-related scenes.

For stock photos, assignments, or photographic prints, Mark can be reached at 480-772-3605, or by e-mail at:


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